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Advanced Proactive Solutions was founded in 2011 and was originally founded as a holding company to facilitate Intelligence Community Contract work and maintain ownership of copyrighted intellectual property related to advanced investigative strategies and tactics.

Since that time, changes in societal values and changes in law have now made those strategies and tactics critical in the administration of justice.  We provide investigative, training and consulting services in furtherance of justice for the plaintiff, prosecution or the defense.

Open Source Intelligence for all!


Open Source Intelligence or OSINT as it is known in the intelligence community is nothing new.  I first started working with in 2015.  It is a contemporary best practice in the protection of dignitaries and facilities.  By extending the "outer perimeter" to cyberspace active shooter and other threats can be mitigated before they become a tactical situation for law enforcement.

The Practice involves the aggregation of virtually all social media postings, the deep and dark web into a single platform.  Advanced artificial intelligence searches for threat media by keyword and images.  Alerts are generated when a potential threat is identified, it then needs to be vetted and investigated to determine it's credibility.

In the Classroom
Shooter Aiming

The Threat Climate

How many times must we have an active shooter only to hear a week later there were missed "red flags" on social media?  What if someone was "listening" for those "red flags"?  The answer is "someone is".  The US Military, Intelligence Community, NATO and many Fortune 500 companies are as it pertains to their assets.  Success is measured by what doesn't happen.
What if we could apply the process to our schools, houses of worship and small businesses?  The reality is the way most school systems are structured, the cost doesn't work out.  Software alone is 10's of thousands of dollars per year, analysts quadruple the cost.  This pushes this vital defensive layer out of reach of most budgets.

What if someone figured out how to make it affordable for small institutions?

Well someone finally has. In short order, Advanced Proactive Solutions intends on rolling out an all inclusive OSINT service that includes the platform and the monitoring!  For approximately 84 cents per student per month or $390 per building per month, someone will be listening for those red flags at facilities under contract.

Contact us today for this exciting opportunity to make kids safer!

Programmer in Server Room

About Us

Advanced Proactive and it's associated network represents the culmination of decades of investigative and leadership experience.  From traffic collision investigations to complex white collar fraud, domestic and transnational criminal threat mitigation.  Advanced Proactive and it's affiliates have done it all.  All associates have significant experience in their respective disciplines in civil, criminal and intelligence matters as well as courtroom testimony.  As former law enforcement and intelligence community professionals we have protected Presidents of the United States, foreign diplomats and dignitaries as well as celebrities and VIPs from all walks of life.  We are inherently familiar with financial investigations, having recovered millions of dollars of illicit proceeds over the decades.

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Finding Solutions

Unfortunately, there is an element of our society that chooses to prey upon other human beings for profit or in even more depraved individuals, for sport.  There are many blind spots in the justice system either by statute or circumstance.  We are intimately familiar with these blind spots and intend on filling them to ensure you do not become the victim.  Whether you are already a victim or have a feeling something is wrong we are here to help.

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